When designing a small space, you need to maximize functionality and think creatively.  Here are some tried and true tips for design ideas for small spaces.

Create an Illusion with Long Drapes

You can trick the eye into seeing a more expansive area by using floor-to-ceiling curtains.  Drawing the eye upwards will give a sense of grandeur.  Keeping your drapes long, even when your window is not, is also a great way to expand your space.

Maximize Functional Furnishings

Choose wisely when adding furniture to a small space. If you have a multipurpose area, make the best of the situation by buying furniture that is the right scale for the room or that serves more than one purpose.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

By adding extra shelving or utilizing space above furniture, you can take advantage of any small space. The key is to stretch your storage space upward, so you are using vertical space and not floor space.

Add Mirrors

One of the oldest tricks in the design book is to add mirrors to visually expand your space.  You can add a large floor-length mirror, place a mirror behind a light source or even mirror an entire wall or closet door.

Posted by: tcppropertygroup on April 5, 2018
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