What type of rental housing is right for you? That will depend on your needs and preferences.  To help you make the process of choosing a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of different types of Rental Housing.


An apartment is a housing unit occupying a single section of a common building.  There are different types of apartments including studios, consisting of one single room with all amenities combined.  These are great for single dwellers not worried about combining a bedroom with their living space.  You can also choose a low-rise apartment with one to four floors which may not have an elevator.  If you choose a high-rise with 12 or more stories you typically have multiple elevators and amenities in the building.


This is a type of housing consists of two separate full units side by side.  It offers more privacy and independence, and usually a yard, than an apartment.


Much like an apartment, condos have multiple stories and common space. However, the complex of units are individually owned.

Single-Family Home

A freestanding residence with its own lot and usually includes a garage and yard.  This type of housing is much like owning your own home and offers privacy.


This type of housing is a hybrid of a single-family home and a condominium. Typically they have multiple floors and share a common wall with a neighbor. Some may also have a yard and garage.

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