Houseplants have wonderful benefits.  They can brighten up an area, they help clean the air, and relieve stress.  If you’ve been wanting to transform your living space with some plants but have been afraid of the upkeep, here are some quick tips to grow houseplants.

TIP 1: Feed them with Light

Houseplants need sunlight but with winter around the corner, be sure to move houseplants so that they can benefit from outside lighting or artificial light. Be sure to rotate the plant so each side receives sunshine.

TIP 2: Don’t forget the Fertilizer (and Water)

Fertilizer is great for indoor houseplants but be sure not to do too much, less is better.  Read the directions for each type of plant before feeding and make sure the soil is damp. In the winter, plants may need a break and don’t require as much maintenance. Check to see if soil is dry at least 2 times a week.  If it is, then give your houseplant some water.

TIP 3: Clean the Leaves

Many people often overlook the need to clean a plant, but dirty leaves do not allow all the sunlight in.  Wipe the leaves with a damp lukewarm sponge.

TIP 4: Humidity Control

In the summer most homes have a great range of humidity levels making it nice for houseplants to thrive.  In the winter heaters tend to dry out the air, causing houseplants to stress. You may want to move some plants to a bathroom or kitchen, where humidity tends to be a little higher.

Posted by: tcppropertygroup on October 17, 2017
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