Many times when you are renting, you’re not sure how long you’ll be in the same location. But you can still personalize your space without breaking the bank, or house! We’ve compiled this list of tips for decorating a rental home to take advantage of what your rental has and to add to what it doesn’t.

If your rental has molding think about adding a glossy finish to it just to add a fun look but make sure your walls compliment the molding and style of the place. Some rentals come with great storage but most probably need more so adding custom storage might not be an option but Ikea bookshelves might just save you. You can also give your rental a new and modern look with something other than paint. By adding new hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms you can add your own style.  Just remember to keep the original for when you do end up moving out. You can also add a fresh new look by adding a lumber look with your furniture, like a coffee table.

To make your space appear bigger than it actually is, ditch those horizontal blinds and invest in some long drapes. The vertical lines will make the space seem taller. Remember not to throw those blinds away though because you do want your security deposit back.  You can add some personal accents with fun throw pillows, temporary peel and stick wallpaper, and chalkboard paint on furniture.  Art has the power to transform so make it a statement piece in your rental. Flea markets are a great way to find some interesting art and furniture but still be affordable. Statement pieces are a creative way to make your rental feel more personal.

Sometimes there will be flaws and that just comes in any home really but you can easily fix that. By using rugs you can hide anything you don’t like, like the weird carpet or that one stain you don’t really know how it got there. You can also use artwork and pictures to hide unwanted things on the wall like holes or cracks.  Make a focal point in your rental with little cost. By getting some painter’s tape and creating a cool graphic look on the wall near the fireplace you can create a fun look and have a cool focal point. You can also make a fun focal point by switching out your light fixtures for a more modern look or whatever you style is.

Posted by: tcppropertygroup on July 18, 2017
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