As a property manager, less turnover with tenants means happier owners and better relationships.  But getting to that point takes some work.  You need to educate yourself about property management and be prepared to become a jack of all trades!

Know the Rental Laws

You will need to have knowledge on current real estate laws that involve property management. It will be your job to have answers to specific questions regarding tenant and landlord rights.  You will also need to know the proper procedures for evictions and other legal disagreements.

Search for Good Tenants

The right tenant can make all the difference in retaining low turnover.  Ask for references, check credit, criminal and eviction history, and verify income.  Always ask for an application fee when a tenant is applying for a property.

Create a Handbook or Procedures

You’ll need to be consistent and clear on your office policies and procedures with both tenants and landlords.  Make sure they know how to access maintenance requests, payment portals, and statements.  You’ll also need to set up an emergency phone and procedure.

Build Relationships

This is a relationship business.  It’s important to have open and honest communication between your tenants and your owners.

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Posted by: tcppropertygroup on April 12, 2017